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The team of qualified engineers at FlexWare can do both Analog and Digital electronic circuit design. 


We can turn your vision into a reality using PC, Web and Mobile application technology.


Optimise your business operations by creating firmware to automate your systems. 


We couple communication technology with software, to create telemetry systems that fits your needs.

technologies we have
worked with

FlexWare designs small and large Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for manufacture.

  • We use Altium Designer and Eagle for schematic capture and PCB layout.
  • We have experienced circuit designers in-house

Want something more heavy duty? The ST10 family are high performance devices specifically designed for controlling industry and automotive applications.

  • ST10 High performance 16-bit MCU designed specifically for use in automotive applications.
  • STM32 For fast moving development of real-time, high-performance systems that need low power consumption.

Does your system need a brain? Automate your operations by using microcontrollers (the brain of the system) to improve productivity and reliability. The Microchip PIC family are well suited for a wide variety of applications and ideal for products which require communication or human interface that are market or industry specific.

  • Small battery-powered microcontrollers used with peripheral sensors unlock unlimited possibilities to interact and control local environments
  • Easy migration - scale up or down the project easily as your parameters change
  • Wide range of devices provide flexibility and ensure the end product is a custom fit to your requirements

We design a wide range of applications from safety and commercial systems utilising position sensors to detect movement and location of each device.

  • GPS and a range of electronic compasses to track and return movement to the user
  • Infrared, photocell, electromagnetic and more displacement sensors to obtain relative positions
  • Linear, angular, or multi-axis position sensors

Reliable communication between the processors and peripherals is the foundation for making your project a success. We can tailor a wide range of wired and wireless communication networks to offer you the best solution.

  • J1939 CAN bus networks for reliable communication in heavy machinery.
  • Use of RS232, RS485 and generic SPI protocols for inter-device communication between off-the-shelf products and your system
  • Low-power wireless communication between nodes allowing devices to talk to each other up to a kilometre away

Expand your business to the wider world by jumping online. Your website is your public reflection and its performance is as important as its appearance. We create websites ranging from simple to complex.

  • Website development and management
  • SQL database design and management

Turn your everyday PC into a sophisticated instrument. We can unleash the full potential of your PC and create software tools specific for your needs. We utilise the technology already available on modern computers, or readily available peripherals, to extend the capability of any system.

  • Windows applications that collect raw data from sensors for real-time graphical display
  • User friendly interface to control user-specific hardware and interact with the real world
  • Sophisticated diagnostics tools that are easy to set up and use

Do you have a great idea for an app? We create standalone apps as well as companion apps that integrate smart technology into an existing product. An easily downloadable app can make your product available to the customers at any time, any where in the world.

  • Professional iOS and Android apps to bring the customers closer to your product
  • Full turnkey service from design and development to market release
  • Continuous maintenance and update even after production