Firmware Design

Optimise your business operations by creating firmware to automate your systems. Our embedded firmware development team is familiar with microcontroller families and Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), to improve efficiency of products. We are also very experienced in designing industrial control systems for heavy hydraulic machinery.


Our Capabilities include:

  • Firmware/Embedded design
  • Develop control strategies
  • RTOS based firmware development
  • Ethernet, CAN(J1939), MODbus
  • ST10, Microchip/PIC, STM32,ESP32
  • OS porting/OS migration
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions
  • Data extraction
  • Electronic design
  • As experts in system integration, we can identify the right solution that will fit your system.Our professional consulting team uses the latest technology to interface hardware, create APIs, and make source modifications, to drive your system to its fullest potential.

    Whether you want to make the most of your resources or to create a brain to automate your operations, we can help you out! Enquire using the button below:

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