Month: September 2020

IoT Characteristic Tracker

Previous Next IoT Characteristic Tracker The IoT characteristic tracker collects vibration data of a machine using an accelerometer. It uses signal processing and extracts characteristic features using two different techniques: Statistical Feature Analysis of the Wavelet Packet Decomposition Area under the Curve of the Power Spectrum Density These methods produce an input which is fed …

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Site Tracker

Previous Next Site Tracker Simple and easy to use cross-platform solution to help businesses meet the Health & Safety sign-in requirements and provide location awareness of people on job sites. Site Tracker leverages existing technology available to almost everyone – smart phones. Site Tracker recognises smart phones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices using their unique …

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Weather App

Previous Next WEATHER APP​ Real-time link to personal weather station. Direct connection to climatology of pinpoint accurate locations. Allows you to monitor your response to weather events. Ideal for managing your boat, stadium, or crop. Contact us